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Persimmon Hills Offers Escape on the Greens

Persimmon Hills is an 18-hole golf course in Sharon that has offered the community a getaway since 1965. It is located at 1696 Rock Hill Rd.


Special to The Enterprise

Ronnie Hollis breezes around the pro shop counter. There’s no rush here. Ronnie loves golf, and expresses an attitude of patience, to take time to enjoy things. He’s retired, and works the pro shop three times a week to lend a hand to Steven. He looks proudly at his grandson, who is a golfer himself, and who has been taught to be patient, to take time and enjoy things. There is more than one generational touch at this business; Steven Scott remembers working as a teenager on the same golf course he now owns.

Persimmon Hills Golf Course in Sharon has been around since 1965. It could be an old boys club, such a thing isn’t rare in small towns, but it is instead a little slice of outdoor fun for everyone. MTD workers will cross paths with an alderman, a young kid from the sticks will be a part of a junior tournament with a prep school youngster.

The golf course did not shut down the past year, lending an opportunity for fun activity for Weakley County residents and beyond. Every golf cart, club, ball, and rack was properly sanitized and taken care of to ensure and protect the health of its players.

Steven Scott is a casual man. In the prop shop, adjacent to his office, we are standing near a window overlooking the bucolic course. He acknowledges he isn’t a huge golfer himself, but meeting the needs of the course’s players is a pleasure for him. There’s a touch of Horatio Alger to his rise from kid helping on the greens to owner, but if such a thing could be lingered on, Steven doesn’t appear interested. It’s his job to manage and upkeep Persimmon Hills, and he does so with the same patience and eye for quality that Ronnie preaches in his golf game.

As the world takes careful steps to return to normalcy, Persimmon has remained a constant in the community, allowing a necessary escape and opportunity for players young and old to have a pleasant game of eighteen. The author in question is only accurate in golf at missing the intended target, but should you be more adept, Persimmon offers its rustic greens to you. It is located at 1696 Rock Hill Rd., Sharon. For more information, call 731-456-2323.

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