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Little General Connection Prompts Donation to Greenfield FFA

Greenfield FFA Advisor Matt Humphrey receives a check for $500 from Greenfield Little General Store Manager Krystal Baker. Little General is a brand convenience store of Cox Oil Company, Inc. On hand to witness the presentation was Humphrey’s son Jed, who will start kindergarten in the coming year.


Weakley County Schools Communications Director

GREENFIELD (June 18) – The next time you purchase Cluckers Fried Chicken, Hunt Brothers Pizza or Baskin Robbins from a Little General Convenience Store or Maverick Quick Shop know that your purchase is appreciated, and your dollars just might be returning to your community.

That’s the message the parent Cox Oil Company wanted to deliver when Area Supervisor T.J. Damron stopped by Greenfield’s Little General and gifted $500 to Greenfield School’s FFA program.

“Any kind of community investment is good. We like to be involved in the community and give back,” he said after making the presentation.

He also explained the process by which the school organization was chosen. Managers and a corporate team make recommendations for charitable donations. The recommendation for Greenfield FFA came from Greenfield Store Manager Krystal Baker, whose son Hayden is part of the FFA program.

Baker says when making the recommendation to corporate leadership, she underscored the potential impact of the donation.

“When I donate I want to see something that is changed … that it has potential to grow,” she explained. “Greenfield FFA is not as big as it could be. It could have growth if they had the funds and the parental support.”

That support is welcomed by FFA Advisor Matt Humphrey.

“A driving principle at Greenfield School is unity,” he noted upon accepting the gift. “That unity can be seen in the classroom but also the community. We are very grateful for community supporters like Krystal Baker who see and believe in what we are doing.”

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