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Claire & Schuster Catering to Customers’ Needs

Claire Wade, owner of Claire & Schuster Interiors and Boutique in downtown Martin, adjusts her business setting to cater to the needs of her customers. She has been in business since 1999 and evolved to offer a unique selection of items for shoppers of all ages.


Special to The Enterprise

When you walk into Claire & Schuster Interiors and Boutique on Main Street in downtown Martin, an easy thing to be struck by is its eclectic nature; from plates to jewelry to clothes, there is no one item specially highlighted. Claire Wade, the owner, has a gentle voice and quiet nature that lends to a pleasant shopping atmosphere. No one is rushed to purchase, and in those parameters, you’ll often find yourself going home with an item you never expected but love dearly.

Claire opened Claire & Schuster in 1999 as an interior design store. Responding to the needs of her customer demography, Claire branched out into furniture, and from there, she continued to steadily grow to adapt to her customers’ needs. Her business is catered to wide-ranging demographics from middle schoolers to the elderly, and she is determined to satisfy those individuals’ needs with equal attention to detail. The store is managed by herself, with her daughter Caroline being her primary help, along with a handful of part-time employees.

COVID was unlike anything for everyone and Claire was no different. To keep a connection with her customers, Claire went to social media to hold virtual fashion shows. Friends and family were enlisted to show off seasonal looks; a routine of eight to ten looks per show was established. Curbside pickup became an option for the first time in the business’s history. Adapting to the moment and needs, as she always had done, allowed the store to continue great sales and retain a strong relationship with the Martin community.

As the times shift back to normalcy, brick and mortars become more important than ever to keeping communities in their spirits. Claire expresses deep gratitude to her customers, and invites them to continue to shop at her store as the summer season kicks off to find the best looks in town. Located at 202 Main St. in Martin, give Claire a call at 731-587-0708 to find out more.

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