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Greenfield School 5th Six Weeks Elementary Honor Roll

1st Grade Gold (All A’s): Parker Bryant, Halton Darby, Caisen Foley, Brent Gales, Brylee McMullen, Tripp Hall, Scarlett Lovell, Betsy Pentecost, Miller Pitt, Hallie Smith, Brooks Sparkman, Cayleigh Stewart, Millie Bryant, Cambri Cooper, Case Harrington, Karli Ricketts, Bennett Tucker, Calleigh Sawyers, Leah Scott and Adley Lyles.

1st Grade Silver (A’s and B’s): Jaret Lunsford and Rhett Wheeler.

2nd Grade Gold: Noah Kail, Carter Stephenson, Jase Nichols, and Lane Trevathan.

2nd Grade Silver: Marisol Trevino, Everett Moyer, Neveah Ridenour, Maggie Graves, Andi Porter, Jesse Callahan, Ainsley Cooper, Annyston Green, Adley Box, Sebastian Hubbard, Londyn Thomas and Blakely Pentecost.

3rd Grade Gold: Orin McNeil and Aaron Scott.

3rd Grade Silver: Lila Moyer, Nathan Tuberville, Jack Cooper, Mason Williams, Blaine Joes, Declan Doerr, Lucas Kelley, Robbilee Moore, Ja’Kobe Watkins, Avery Irby, Finn Porter, Addyson Clements and Katey Taylor.

4th Grade Gold: Mary Katherine Moore, Ashlyn Bryant, Alik Archie, Kensie Garner, Andon Ridenhour and Jace Tims.

4th Grade Silver: Adlee Sullivan, Ella Porter, Brayden Madison, Morgan Bowser, Blayne Hollingsworth, Carlee Lane, Wade Winstead, Gwyneth Norwood, Jace Tims, Kinsley Baker, Sumer Adams, Jensen Sullivan, Briley Joe Abernathy, Ryder Arant and Madelyn Coble.

5th Grade Gold: Alicia Cheyenne Moyer, Ellie Pitt, Bo Porter, Kahlan Ricketts, Kathie Winstead, Analeese Arnold and Ava Spikes.

5th Grade Silver: Faith Hazlewood, Jebb Lunsford, Kylee McNeil, Addisyn Totty, Baker Biggs, Maliyah Culver, Llasmin Cabrera, Ellie Douglas, Brody Geurin, Knox Liggett, Dylan Norwood, Phillip Scates and Noah Wilson.

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