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Guest Column: Can You Spare a Moment?

Keith Tucker


Special to The Enterprise

Time seems to be on our side or against us. Some folks are never on time; some never late. It seems some of us are in better control of it than others. We have developed atomic clicks to split it into ever smaller pieces to keep up with it better.

But how many of us have a good understanding of how time actually works? It is not the constant we think it is. The people who live in Denver are younger than those in Memphis. Because they are further from the source of gravity. More gravity equals faster time. Case in point. The clocks on the GPS satellites that give us turn-by-turn directions run slower than those down on the surface. If the computers that do the triangulation to locate us did not make the correction, your GPS location would be off by 7 miles within 24 hours. The difference is not much. A tiny fraction of a second.

But the fact that it is different is the basis of a much bigger issue. If you consider time and space as a loaf of bread, with each slice as a slice of time and the width and height as the entire universe.

Now consider a verse from the bible. “I knew you before you were born.” That leads me to the conclusion that God is everywhere, in the whole loaf of bread, all at once. This answers so many questions it amazes me that no one has considered this before. So enjoy your daylight saving time and spend every moment savoring life and don’t fret over a few lost moments.

Editor’s note: Keith Tucker is a Greenfield resident and owner of The Marble Shop.

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