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Sharon Shows Appreciation, Bids Farewell

Donna Stricklin


SHARON (March 8) – At the City of Sharon’s monthly board meeting held Monday, March 8, aldermen discussed job positions that are still open, including the position of police chief.

It was announced by Mayor Ali Stalter the city is still looking someone to fill the position of police chief. Stalter said there was one person the city was leaning towards, but negotiations did not go as expected. The city is also in the process of looking for a replacement for city recorder, Donna Stricklin. Stricklin said she is willing to help train her replacement. She also noted that she would continue to help the City of Gleason as it looks for a city recorder replacement.

Stricklin announced she will be the city recorder for the City of Rutherford, but will continue to live in Sharon. She also said it was a very hard decision to leave Sharon after so many years.

During the board meeting, alderman James Gary Roberts presented a resolution for the board to approve, the wording of it goes as followed: “Whereas, Donna Stricklin, has faithfully served the City of Sharon for a total of 29 years and whereas she has served as city recorder for the past 21 years and whereas she has helped the position to certify municipal chief financial officer for eight years and whereas she is held in very high regard by her fellow city recorder peers within our area. Now be it resolved that though we and the board and mayor will greatly miss you after your departure from our city hall, we proudly say thank you for all of the years of work and service and wish you nothing but the best for you and your new work.”

The board passed this resolution unanimously.

In old business, Greg Evans reported the city’s backhoe needed repairs, which are under way.

In response to a citizen complaint of flooding on their property, Weakley County Road Supervisor Charles Ross was chosen as the third party to inspect the area. He concluded the front of the property could not be disturbed because it would disrupt the natural flow of water. Jordan Plumbing will give an estimate for water repairs along East Main Street in Sharon.

Stricklin reported the end of February was the last time someone could pay their property taxes for 2020 without penalties. The clerk and master’s office reported, from 2018 to 2021, there was only $29,785 in outstanding delinquent taxes. She also reported a draft copy of the city’s audit came in and no major issues were found.

Every March and September, the city is to provide updates about being in the red for its water and sewer departments as it was in the red for the past couple of years. A draft copy was presented by Stricklin and this month, the city was found in the black. The city will be released from having to report its standing twice a year once Sharon is found in the black for a year.

Evans announced with the start of spring cleaning, residents in Sharon follow the city’s guidelines for what the city will and will not pick up. The public works department is still short-handed and patience is needed at times. Evans said the department will continue to do as much as possible. They will also continue to check meters on Wednesday.

Every seven years, the state requires the city renew its safety ordinance. There was no discussion and the ordinance passed with full support of the board.

Fire Chief Gary Eddings reported for the fire and police departments, which both showed a decrease in calls. Eddings wanted to remind residents that there was a burn ordinance for the city and permits will need to be issued by the city before any burning can occur.

In other news, Barbara Virgin with the Weakley County Chamber of Commerce informed the board of the annual golf tournament and to ensure the chamber was doing all it can for the City of Sharon.

Alderman Roberts also presented to the board the estimate local sales tax for the year is $82,000, which is $86 per person living in Sharon. He said Gleason gets twice as much as Sharon at $181,000. He noted the reason for this varying amount of money was because of the cash flow. He said they only control property tax collections and asked residents to shop as local as possible.

With no other business to discuss, the board adjourned.

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