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Dresden Board of Zoning Appeals Approves Installation of Fencing and Gates


DRESDEN (March 10) — The Dresden Board of Zoning Appeals met in special session on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, at Dresden City Hall.

The purpose of the meeting was to review a request issued by Norman and Sarah Coutu to place a four-foot high fence around the front and sides of their property, located at 767 Pikeview St.

According to the property owners, the fence has become necessary, due to numerous issues with a neighbor on one side of their property.

Mr. and Mrs. Coutu explained the height of the fence is necessary, due to them having large dogs that may be able to jump over a lower fence.

The couple stated the fence would be aluminum-decorative fencing, which would add to the aesthetics of the house. They also proposed installing two gates along the front of the property – one across the driveway and another across a secondary entrance to the yard.

Additionally, they requested the board allow them to construct a small building within the fenceline to the side of the property for large packages to be left without the need to open the gate and potentially let the dogs out. There was much discussion concerning the size and character of the building among board members. The proposed building would be large enough to encompass a standard size door and windows with shutters. The building would mimic the style of the house.

After much discussion, the board agreed to authorize the installation of the four-foot aluminum decorative fencing with gates along the front and side of the property to meet the existing wood fence.

A motion to approve the installation of the fencing and gates passed unanimously with Kory Green, Ralph Cobb, and Mike Youngblood voting in favor of the request.

However, the board informed the property owners the design and placement of the building must be reviewed again prior to its installation or construction.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.


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