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Dresden Condemnation Board Reviews Property Improvements


DRESDEN (January 26) — During the Dresden Condemnation Board’s January 26 meeting, members considered whether to give the owners of several properties on their condemnation list additional time to make improvements before taking further action. The board made these decisions based on a report by Dresden Codes Enforcement Officer Dominic Little and Building Inspector David Kelly, whose job is to inspect these properties and determine how much progress they’ve made.

After reviewing a report, the Board took the following actions:

134 South Poplar St.

The Board considered granting a 30-day extension to Marty Cole, to continue making improvements to a residence she owns, located at 134 South Poplar St.

According to Kelly, repairs have been made to the back porches, but the rails do not meet code. He stated repairs were made to the front porch but are not complete.

Once the electricity is wired according to code, the hot water will be available. Electricity and hot water are two requirements in the city code for making the residence habitable. She stated other repairs are ongoing.

City Attorney Beau Pemberton recommended Cole make the interior of the structure available for Kelly to inspect prior to the next meeting.

Board members LeAnne Moore, Sandra Klutts, Mike Youngblood and Lin Dunn voted in favor of extending the property owner’s deadline for 30 days. Kelley Trevathan resigned from the Board since its last meeting.

127 East Park St.

The Board served a condemnation notice on property owned by David McDonald, located at 127 East Park St. Kelly reported there were no improvements made since his last inspection, and a building permit was not obtained.

McDonald was given 60 days to make the necessary repairs.

The property owner stated he intends to demolish the worst portion of the structure and remove it from the premises. However, McDonald said he would like to keep a 12-feet-by-14-feet section of the building and demolish the remainder. Mayor Jeff Washburn stated Kelly would need to inspect the property to see if this portion of the structure would meet code if salvaged. This property will be reviewed at the end of the 60-day period.

137 East Maple St.

The Board served a condemnation notice on property located at 137 East Maple St., owned by Hunter and Debra Todd. Inspector Kelly reported there was no progress made on this property, except for some painting, since the last meeting. This property will be reviewed at the end of the 60-day period.

221 East Locust St.

Members of the Board approved a 30-day extension for property owned by Dennis and Pat Moon, located at 221 East Locust St.

Inspector Kelly reported quite a bit of work was complete on the property. He stated the garage was torn down and removed from the property; the roof was replaced and the fascia repaired; and a brush pile at back of property was removed.

The contractor says replacement windows are ordered, but they are custom made, and it will take six to eight weeks to be delivered. Installation will begin in mid-January to February 2021. He explained the window manufacturer shut down for several weeks causing a delay in production. The painting will begin once the windows are installed. The contractor will complete porch repairs and install the two windows the homeowner already has. The Board voted to continue the review of this property for 30 days.

355 West Main St.

The Board discussed the status of a condemned property, located at 355 West Main St., owned by Brenda Dexter.

Mayor Washburn stated Dexter is awaiting an organ transplant. She has been very ill and unable to attend any meetings. Inspector Kelly reports Dexter’s husband has started making repairs to the back of the house and has replaced a few windows. The couple requested an extension on the condemnation notice, due to health issues and inability to complete the work within a 60-day timeframe.

The Board agreed to have Kelly review the progress of the repairs being made and report back at the end of 60 days. The Board will consider what action to take.

405 Evergreen St.

Inspector Kelly reported repairs have been made to property owned by Donald Perkins, located at 405 Evergreen St. After learning the building is in compliance with the city’s building code, the Board voted to remove the property from the condemnation list.

147-150 West Main Streets

The Board discussed two properties owned by Keith Kemp, Mary Beth Oliver and Lisa Kemp.

At 147 West Main St., the roof is damaged and needs replacing; the back door and windows are open to animal intrusion; and the foundation is compromised. Repairs were made to the outside of the landowners’ property at 150 West Main St. But, the building inspector has not been able to check the inside of the building.

Inspection Report for Additional Properties

340 D & C Subdivision

Improvements needed for a mobile home located at 340 D & C Subdivision include: replacing the underpinning, front porch (including ramp) and front door. Additionally, the outside needs painting. Inspector Kelly stated he could not go inside to inspect the interior. Kelly suggested the mobile home be removed from the property. The Board voted to condemn the property and have Pemberton to prepare a notice of condemnation to be served on the property owner.

803 Morrow St.

Another property that was inspected is located at 803 Morrow St. The report states several windows are broken but have been boarded up from the inside. Some of the siding needs repair, but mostly it is aesthetics. The Board voted to refer the property to the Code Enforcement Officer for any further action.

301 South Wilson St.

The back gable, siding, several areas of the soffit, and fascia are missing on a building located at 301 South Wilson St., which allows for animal intrusion. Inspector Kelly could not go inside to inspect the building’s interior and recommended this property to be referred to Codes Enforcement.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

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