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Guest Column: Looking Ahead

Dennis Richardson


I will not be one to speculate on how the new Biden Administration will affect small business. Those matters are out of what little influence our newspapers may have.

Our small businesses are the backbone of our economy and many have either been shut down or severely hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Newspapers are small business, too. Advertising comprises about 85 percent of our revenues and the loss of all of the festivals and events has shut down a lot of the advertising that we rely upon.

I firmly believe in the importance of community newspapers. That is what we do.

The giant chains will be okay as they have taken a lot of their reporting to the Internet.

I like a printed newspaper that we can hold in our hand, lay on the coffee table and pick up again later, or keep in the car. It is fresh news for a week. We embrace online as well and anyone wishing to read our news on their cell phones, tablets or laptops are able to do that as well. Print is our big seller.

It will be interesting to see what executive orders are issued and what new legislation is passed as well as what old legislation and executive orders will be reversed.

We have a new president and we owe it to him to lend our support and help bring America closer together.

I hope and pray that much study will be given to new legislation before it hastily passes.

The survival of small business may hinge on the new laws. They can help small businesses succeed or bring more down.

I look forward to massive doses of the vaccine and will take mine as soon as it is offered.

While it is still odd to see so many people wearing masks, I will continue to wear mine while in public buildings, both for my protection as well as a show of support for our leaders who say that we should wear masks.

The first 100 days of the Biden administration should tell us a lot.

The leadership of this newspaper believe it is time to move America forward.

Support local journalism by encouraging businesses to advertise and to subscribe.

That is what’s on my mind. What is on yours?

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