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My View: ‘It Is Time for Unity’

Dennis Richardson


By the time this column rolls off the presses, former vice-president Joe Biden will have been inaugurated as the president of the United States. POTUS, as many will say.

Biden’s election ends a tumultuous four years under president Donald Trump, following a heated and very close election that mostly divided our country between rural and urban.

Like many Americans, I hope and pray for a quiet and orderly transfer of power and that, although it is very unlikely, the Democrats and Republicans will work together as Americans.

The COVID-19 world pandemic maintains a firm grip on our nation. All businesses, including ours, continue to struggle. Many closed their doors, probably forever.

Although Trump was threatened with impeachment from Day 1 amid screams of “He is not my president,” the Democrat-controlled House succeeded in impeaching him twice in less than a year.

No president in our nation’s history had ever been impeached twice.

A lot of Americans liked Trump and an equal number wanted him out of the White House. To many he was a welcome voice different from career politicians. To others he was an irritant with his brash language and actions.

In the end, a man who has served almost half a century in national offices was elected.

It is time to move on. Unity is imperative now more than ever.

Joe Biden is our president. Nancy Pelosi, of California, is again Speaker of the House and Chuck Schumer, of New York, is the new Senate Majority Leader. The Democrats will be able to usher through Congress about any legislation that they choose. I hope choices are wise ones.

I am one of those who believes history, like the latest fashions, repeats itself in cycles.

The first 100 days of the Biden administration should tell us a lot.

It is time to move America forward.

That is my opinion. We value yours.

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