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The New Congress


Representatives, not dictators.

The new Congress was to be sworn in Sunday. Hopefully Congress will get right to work on some very pressing issues. There’s the stimulus, the virus, the vaccine and a myriad of other issues.

Those high-paid elected officials need to remember that they are our representatives, not our dictators. The United States is a republic.

My thoughts are that both the Republican and Democratic parties are on the verge of collapse if they continue the bickering we saw from the very day Donald Trump was elected president.

‘He’s not our president!” shouted many who voted for Hillary Clinton.

Now we are already hearing shouts from those who did not vote for Joe Biden “he’s not our president!” maybe in a mockery of the 2016 shouts.

Of course Donald Trump is our president until Joe Biden is sworn in as the new president. From that time until the 2024 elections are complete Biden will be our president.

Keep up the bickering and 2022 will be prime time for the emergence of a viable third party.

I, for one, am really tired of all the mud-slinging and kindergarten-like name calling from one party to the other. Each Representative and each Senator were elected by the people in one of the closest elections on record, one that also showed a refreshingly huge voter turnout.

I commend all who cast their votes. If there was election fraud, then shame on us.

We all live in America and it is time that less money is spent on trying to kick elected officials out of office and ridiculous 5,500 page bills to pass or defeat with only hours to read it.

I wish that more money was appropriated to help those out of work and to help small business and a healthier stimulus and much less money sent overseas. What other country passes a stimulus package and sends most of the money to the United States? Name one.

Pet pork projects have no place in stimulating the U.S. economy.

Unless one lives in Georgia where runoff elections are under way for the U.S. Senate, the next opportunity to vote is 2022.

Follow the local elections in your community newspaper. Have an opinion? Express it through a Letter to the Editor or a Guest Column.

After all, life is better with a (local) newspaper.

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