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Weakley County Mayor Jake Bynum Quarantined with COVID-19

Weakley County Mayor Jake Bynum

WEAKLEY COUNTY (December 14) — In a Facebook post on Monday, Weakley County Mayor Jake Bynum announced he has tested positive for COVID-19.

“On Thursday, December 10, I began not feeling so great,” Bynum said. “I had a slight fever and decided the most responsible thing to do would be to go and get tested. On Friday, I went to a local doctor’s office and got a rapid test, and tested positive for COVID.

“Since that time, I’ve been isolating at home. Alyssa and the kids have been quarantined – both from the outside world and from me. They feel great and have no symptoms. They’ve not been tested because of that fact, and we’re extremely thankful for that. My symptoms have been mild.

“I am no longer running a fever.  But I have the occasional headache, muscle ache and fatigue. I have a slight cough. I’m extremely lucky – far luckier than thousands of Weakley Countians, Tennesseans and citizens all across this country, who have not fared as well as I have.

“The other thing I will tell you is, over the last several months, we have asked you to do things like wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands, in an effort to mitigate the spread of this virus. Obviously, these things are not a guarantee. There is no silver bullet to stop this virus.”

Nevertheless, Bynum states he will continue to take these recommended precautions, because he believes they are important to help mitigate the likelihood of contracting COVID-19.

“While we continue to ask you to do those things, we know there is still the possibility that you could get sick,” Bynum said.

“Yesterday, I had a friend (Weakley County EMS employee Bobby Greer) that many of you also consider to be a friend, who succumbed to this virus. His family is without a father and a husband today. In his honor, and in respect to all of those who have lost their lives, we ask you to do those things that will keep this virus down as much as possible. My greatest fear, outside of my family, is that I had this virus without knowing it and spread it to others who will not be as lucky as I am in combating it.

“So, please, in the next several weeks, during this holiday season and into the New Year, think about your friends, your family, your neighbors, and even people you don’t know, in an effort to keep them safe.

“I hope my symptoms continue to be mild,” Bynum said. “We hope to keep you updated, until I come out of quarantined. But until that time, stay safe.”

Mayor Bynum says, unless he takes a turn for the worse, he should be able to return to work at the Weakley County Courthouse on Monday, December 21.

The citizens of Weakley County are asked to keep Mayor Bynum, and others who have contracted COVID-19, in their prayers, and to remember the families of those who have lost loved ones to the pandemic.

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