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Sharon Board Tables Condemnation Board Discussion Until January


SHARON (December 14) – The City of Sharon Board of Mayor and Aldermen met for the final time in 2020 Monday evening. The meeting began with Mayor Ali Stalter reporting on recent events for the city, which bi-weekly meetings between her and the city’s department heads. During these meetings, department heads and Mayor Stalter discuss different goals and plans to complete this list. No further details were given.

Stalter announced the city’s insurance company asked the city to install railings at city hall where the drop-off window is located and the project is complete. She also reported the library will receive new lighting at a cost of $1,700. The board asked to see a final invoice before the bill is paid by the city.

Mayor Stalter expressed her desire to form a condemnation board for the City of Sharon, which would include her, aldermen James Gary Roberts, building inspector David Kelley, and two citizens of Sharon. Stalter said with the condemnation board in place, it would have more authority over properties that are unlivable.

Aldermen Roberts asked if the forming of the condemnation board would need to be approved by the board or if it could be created without a vote. Stalter had spoken with the city’s attorney, Jeff Washburn, who said the forming of a condemnation board would not need approval by the city board. Roberts expressed a desire to form a city condemnation board, but he wanted to ensure all procedures were being followed. Stalter asked for the issue of forming a condemnation board moved until the January meeting.

In the regular monthly reports by department heads, Gary Eddings with the Sharon Fire Department reported that some equipment for the department was purchased and starting to arrive. He also reported the intersection of North Highway Avenue, which enters onto Highway 45 East, has seen many accidents over the years. Eddings contacted the state to look into this intersection and have a 55-page report over ways to decrease accidents. The proposal by the state was to increase signage in the area around the intersection, which has been shown to decrease accidents in similar areas. He reported the speed limit could not be lowered until there are many more accidents and fatalities at that intersection.

Eddings also reported that families inside the Sharon city limits could now contact city hall about having their home visited by the fire department and Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Greg Evans gave his report on leaf pickup for Sharon. The last day for leaf pick-up will be sometime in January with a specific day to be announced later. A date for bulk pick-up has not been decided yet, but will be after Christmas.

Troy Whitworth reported that the city’s toy drive is going very well and the deadline for donations is Friday, December 18.

In other news, Pavement Restoration Inc. out of Milan came to Sharon and repaired two different sections of roads on Dedham and South Hunt streets. Mayor Stalter asked about having the city attorney create a lease for the old city hall building that the board agreed on. Citizens will also now have a chance to speak at the end of regular board meetings. They will be able to give input and ask questions of the board about issues brought up in meetings. This will take place before the meeting adjourns.

Donna Stricklin gave the sales tax report for the month of November, which was $7,861; an increase from October.

With no further business to discuss, the regular board meeting adjourned. The next scheduled meeting is set for January 11, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. at Sharon City Hall.

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