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Dresden Condemnation Board Takes Action on Properties


DRESDEN (December 17) — The Dresden Condemnation Board met Thursday, December 17, at Dresden City Hall, via YouTube Live and Zoom, to discuss the status of various properties. The Board condemned several structures, but gave property owners who had made significant progress bringing their buildings up to code more time before initiating the condemnation process.

Action was taken on the following properties:

137 East Maple St.

Hunter and Debra Todd were given 30 days to make repairs on a structure they own at 137 East Maple St.

It was noted the Todds have taken no action on the property. Dresden Mayor Jeff Washburn stated the building is in worse shape now than it was before. The board voted to condemn the property by unanimous vote on a motion by LeeAnne Moore.

355 West Main St.

Brenda Dexter was given 30 days to make repairs to property she owns at 355 West Main St. Board members stated the owner has taken no action on the property in quite some time. Sandra Klutts made a motion to condemn the property, which was unanimously approved.

127 East Park St.

After hearing a report from City Building Inspector David Kelly, the Board voted to condemn a structure owned by David McDonald, located at 127 East Park St.

According to Kelly, there were originally two structures connected. The front structure was removed, and the remaining structure is being worked on.

The owner was given 30 days to make progress on the structure, and receive assistance from the State building inspector to obtain a building permit from the State.

The structure is in disrepair, the property has trash scattered around. The structure needs to be properly supported underneath prior to construction being done, according to Kelly.

There is no information if a building permit has been obtained yet or not.

The Board unanimously approved a motion by Moore to proceed with the condemnation, unless McDonald can produce a copy of the building permit from the state building inspector.

McDonald addressed the board later in the meeting. He stated Jesse Doster is going to work with him to repair the structure. Mayor Washburn notified McDonald that the board has voted to condemn the structure and that he would have 60 days to remedy the situation and bring the structure up to code, or appeal the decision of condemnation to Chancery Court. McDonald stated Doster would be helping him obtain the building permit. Klutts said if significant progress is made within 60 days, the Board might allow him more time.

302 Linden St.

The Board voted to condemn a residential property owned by Tony and Inju Winstead, located at 302 Linden St.

Mr. Winstead has been dismantling the structure to preserve the boards.

Mrs. Winstead attended the meeting in person. She asked who could be appealed to regarding the condemnation decision.

City Attorney Beau Pemberton stated the appeal should be filed within 60 days of receipt of the condemnation notice to Chancery Court.

She stated they have received quotes from contractors to tear the remaining portion of the structure down but have run into obstacles due to sickness and finances. Mrs. Winstead was informed of their responsibility to remove the structure within sixty 60 days or appeal to Chancery Court.

134 South Poplar St.

Marty Cole was given 30 days to repair the front porch and back steps of a residential dwelling she owns at 134 South Poplar St., which has been accomplished. It was noted the back landing does not need to be connected to the steps. The railing on the landing should be sufficient. It is not currently connected to permanent electricity. It will need to be connected permanently to be habitable.

The Board unanimously approved a motion by Klutts to review the property in 30 days, and make sure it is connected to permanent electricity, heat and hot/cold water. Lin Dunn seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

During discussion, Klutts asked if the city requires there to the heat, air and running water in vacant houses.

Washburn stated the city does not have an ordinance requiring that. He further stated a structure that does not have heat, air and/or running water does cause it to become dilapidated very quickly. However, Washburn explained State Code requires rental property to have heat, air and running water available to the resident(s) of the rental property.

405 Evergreen St.

Donald Perkins was given 30 days to make repairs to a property he owns at 405 Evergreen St. Washburn stated Elton Hamilton put a new roof on the structure and installed new support posts on the front porch. The Board agreed to give Perkins 30 days to allow time for City Building Inspector Kelly time to inspect the property.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

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