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United Way Prompts Smiles for the Cameras

(L to R) High school librarians and teachers who had previously requested recording equipment received a special delivery last week. Betsi Foster, who oversees grants for the system, took the gifts provided by the United Way of West Tennessee. She is pictured with assistant director of schools Jeff Kelley and Krista Paul of United Way.

WEAKLEY COUNTY (September 29) – United Way of West Tennessee prompted smiles across Weakley County with their most recent donation of 16 cameras, tripods, memory cards and camera bags.

Betsi Foster, director of Federal Programs, and Jeff Kelley, assistant director of Weakley County Schools, received the array of audiovisual gifts last week. Foster will distribute to librarians and teachers who had already submitted requests for such equipment as a part of their “wish list.”

“United Way’s bread and butter is our constant partnership with agencies and companies in the communities where we serve. However, in times like these, our organization shines in the way we were originally created for: when disaster strikes, we are there to collaborate and get assistance to those in need, whether that’s due to a pandemic, a tornado, a fire, or any other scenario,” said Krista Paul, Weakley County Resource Director, United Way of West Tennessee, of the special delivery.

She then expressed gratitude for the Tennessee Community CARES grant which allowed for the purchase of the technology. Matthew Marshall, president and CEO of United Way of West Tennessee, joined Paul in the presentation of the equipment.

United Way of West Tennessee applied for the grant in order to channel funding to virtual learning technology, a huge need for students across the region, Paul explained when she initially reached out to Foster. Foster’s response indicated teachers were having to use phones and makeshift tripods to record classes for those currently learning from home and for potential closure resources.

“We are wading into new territory with our virtual lessons and need all the help we can get,” she noted.

“Employees of Weakley County Schools have had the opportunity to support United Way for many years,” explained Foster. “We are always pleased to be a part of helping our community and, in this instance, very grateful to be on the receiving end of a much-needed donation.”

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