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Martin Board Accepts Street Paving Bids


MARTIN (September 8) – The City of Martin’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen accepted street paving bids when the Board met electronically Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

Martin Paving submitted a bid of $115.60/ton for paving and $46/ton for milling. Ford Construction submitted a proposal for $94.95/ton for paving and $41/ton for milling. The Board agreed to accept the bid presented by Ford Construction Company for a one-year paving contract for city streets.

Martin Mayor Randy Brundige said last year paving began in November and anticipates it may be October before the company can begin the paving projects slated for the city.

In other Board news, members approved a resolution to hire TLM Associates, Inc., with the most appropriate experience, background and qualifications for Pahse 8 of the city’s Transportation Alternative Project. Phase 8 of the project includes the construction of a sidewalk from Elm to Peach streets. Brundige announced it would be three to four years before Phase 8 of the project would begin.

After pushing to adopt a citywide landscape ordinance for businesses last month at the request of two property owners who were looking to sell a piece of property, board members voted to remove the landscaping ordinance from the agenda and look for a revised policy in the future.

In addition, the two property owners who requested rezoning of their property from residential to business, requested to remove the rezoning ordinance. The property in question is located on the corner of University Street and Courtright Road. During last month’s meeting of the Martin Board of Mayor and Aldermen, propery owner Rick Wilson said the propery was for sale and under contract. Due to the city’s planning commission inability to meet during the COVID-19 pandemic, a landscape ordinance for businesses was in the amendment process and board members did not want to rezone the property in question from residential to business until the landscape ordinance amendments were adopted.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the rezoning ordinance request was removed, as well as the landscape ordinance amendment.

Board members approved the appointment of Brittany Newton to serve as the city’s Human Resources Director.

A formal city board was slated to take place via Zoom at 5:15, Monday, Spetember 14. The meeting was canceled.

The next meeting of the Martin Board of Mayor and Aldermen is set for 5:15 p.m., Tuesday, October 6.

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