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Property Transfers

James Chad Levister to Elizabeth A. Hall and Sara Ruth Hubbard, District 9
Ricky R. and Valarie Johnson to Jacob T. and Paige T. Melville Hatchell, District 18
Darlene A. Adkins to Hui Chuan Chen, District 2
Thomas and Connie Bizzle to Wesley Joseph and Hannah D. Johnson, District 11
Ricky L. Nelson and Melissa L. Moore to Dean A. and Janice D. Lipscomb, District 14
Terry L. and Jana S. Gallimore to Dennis S. and Joyce L. Pavlick, District 7
Bear and Bull to Hak Acquisitions LLC., District 14
John C. Clark Trustee to Rick D. Everett, District 8
Edward Milton Sturgeon Jr. to Adrian Shaun and Lea Nicole Harrod, District 2
Michael and Donald Savers to Brandon and Courtney McMinn, District14
Donald Savers and Kenneth Kimble to Michael Savers, District 14
John P. Jolley and Patsey L. Austin to Dinah Peterson and Lori Jadlowski, District 1
Richard J. and Lisa M. Smith to Leann Smith and Wayne Covington Jr., District 6
Marjorie L. Hazelwood and Carol Caudle Estate to Jacob Craddock, District 3
Kacey Allison King to Kayla B. White, District 2
Roberto and Shirley Denson King to WK&T, District 18
C & J Enterprises to JS Properties Partnership, District 2
C & J Enterprises to Mikel L. Jones and James K. Sadler
Steven Ashley and Karly Marilyn Tremlin, District 2
Johnny R. and Terry L. McKinney to Robert Keith Trent, District 13
Jerry and Dawn Shank to Peggy Jay Kan Hai
Margaret Elizabeth Watts to Ronald Jason Thompson, District 2
Michael James Wilson to Trealia K. Morris, District 2
Jaclyn N. Montgomery and Astin T. Weber to Cody Mansfield, District 10

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