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Local Charities Receive Donations From Weakley County Government

Dresden (July 30) — Every year, the Weakley County government appropriates money to local charities to help supplement the funding needed to continue operations.
During the July 30 meeting of the Weakley County Commission, members approved a resolution authorizing appropriations to non-profit charitable organizations for FY 2020-2021 to benefit the welfare of the residents of Weakley County as follows:
• Donations in the amount of $8,000 each were awarded to the following rural volunteer fire departments: Como/Ore Springs, Latham, Palmersville and Sidonia.
• The Weakley County Rescue Squad was appropriated $5,500.
• The Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse received $25,000.
• A total of $3,355 was awarded to the Northwest Tennessee Development District.
• Northwest Tennessee Human Resources was appropriated $4,270.
• Dolly Parton Reading Railroad received a $6,000 donation to cover Weakley County’s share of the cost of providing books to children aged birth to five years old.
• An appropriation in the amount of $2,000 was awarded to Weakley County Prevention Coalition.
• The WestStar Leadership Program received a donation of $2,000.
Appropriations to these non-profit charitable organizations are made on the following conditions:
They file with the County Clerk and Department of Finance Officer a copy of the annual information report of their business affairs and transactions, and the proposed use of the county’s funds in accordance with rules promulgated by the Comptroller of the Treasury. This report shall be prepared and certified with the chief financial officer of these organizations in accordance with Tennessee Law.
Additionally, these funds may only be used by the named non-profit charitable organization in furtherance of their charitable purposes benefiting the general welfare of the residents of the county.
Finally, these charitable organizations must be in compliance with the rules of the Comptroller of the Treasury, Tennessee law, and any and all other laws which may apply to county appropriations to non-profit organizations.

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