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Active COVID-19 Cases Outpacing Recovery Numbers

WEAKLEY COUNTY (August 4) — Confirmed COVID-19 cases continue to spike in Northwest Tennessee as active cases outpace those recovered by more than 100 people in Weakley County. The county recorded its third COVID-19-related death as of Friday, July 31, 2020.
Numbers reported Monday, August 3, 2020, by the Tennessee Department of Health reflect a surge from a week prior with 185 active cases in Weakley County. One week ago, the total number of active cases in Weakley was 103.
Obion County is showing a significant increase in its number of active cases with 281 on record as of Monday, August 3. It has reported four COVID-19-related deaths.
Carroll County has seen a surge in active cases, with 89 recorded Monday, July 27, 2020. One week later, 157 cases are reported as active. The county recorded its third COVID-19-related death Friday afternoon.
In Henry County, 146 active cases were reported Monday, August 3; an increase of 90 active cases from one week prior. In response to the growing number of active cases, Henry County Mayor Brent Greer issued a county-wide mask mandate for public spaces, which is effective today (Wednesday, August 5, 2020). Greer announced in a media release issued Monday, August 3, “We are all learning as we go, but that does not excuse or justify delaying making the right decisions.” He said masks should cover the nose and mouth and signs are to be posted in public spaces. Unless rescinded, renewed or continued, Henry County’s mask mandate is effective through August 12, 2020.
Weakley, Obion, Carroll and Henry counties are now among the 40 in Tennessee showing a greater number of active cases compared to those recovered since the novel coronavirus was labeled a global health pandemic in March 2020. In comparison, of 19,400 confirmed cases recorded in Davidson County since March, 14,930 are listed as recovered, according to data reported by the Department of Health Monday, August 3, 2020.
On Monday, Madison County confirmed cases were listed at 912, with 403 of those active and 496 recovered.
According to government and health officials, wearing facemasks and social distancing are recommended to slow the spread of COVID-19. County health departments are conducting free COVID-19 testing Monday through Friday. Those who are tested are asked to self-quarantine until they receive their test results.
The Tennessee Department of Health provides daily COVID-19 updates, including active cases and demographic data at its website,

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