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Property Transfers

Community Deployment Services House to Swaim and Swaim West, LLC., District 14
Hunter W. Hames to Molly Hannah Wilson, District 2
Kathy A. Newton to Valencia A. Thorn, District 1
Keith and Deborah A. Roach to Danny W. and Loral Rogers, District 13
Sylvia Morin and Larry McKenzie to Tabitha Michelle Dawson, District 2
Andrew A. and Ami J. Wilson to Paul and Kaclynn Wilson, District 2
Jeff and Linda Morris to Pam McGriff, District 14
David Wayne and Steven Timothy Stout to Bricen C. Pentecost, District 9
Lindsey Collins and Patrick Gordon to Jamie L. and Margaret Stogsdill, District 7
Ivy Investment Company LLC. to David Martin and Jennifer Hamlin, District 2
David Martin and Jennifer Hamlin to Valeriano and Lorena Agular, District 18
Candy Lee Ruesken Lowe to Allyson Spain, District 23
Dan R. and Barbara Dawson to Tammy Markowski, District 7
Karen M. and Richard J. Imperiale to Nicholas Kelly and Angela Hughey, District 3
Anthony L. and Elizabeth S. Radcliff to Nicholas Kelly and Angela Hughey, District 2
Jerry D. Crosser and William L. Jackson to Sharon L. Jackson, District 2
Pam Petty to Christel L. Laney, District 8

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