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Dresden Board Approves Improvements At Civic Center

DRESDEN (June 23) — The Dresden Board of Mayor and Alderpersons unanimously approved a resolution amending the city’s budget for FY 2019-2020, during a called meeting on Tuesday, June 23.
Mayor Jeff Washburn stated the amendment transfers $7,116.95 from the designated reserve fund earmarked for improvements at the Harmon and Lucille McWherter Civic Center in Dresden, and transfers it into the civic center capital outlay fund. The money covers the cost of replacing the existing garage-type doors with new storefront doors, glass and lights. The new doors will provide a handicapped entrance to the auditorium. Mayor Washburn stated the board approved a bid for the job at their regular monthly meeting on June 1, 2020.
The money for these and other improvements at the Civic Center are provided by a donation from the McWherter Foundation.
The budget resolution also authorizes rolling over funds in two separate reserve accounts involving street improvements to the next fiscal year.
One account is for repair and maintenance of city streets and the other is for capital outlay paving.
“In the Street Fund, we haven’t been able to get paving done we had planned this spring,” Mayor Washburn said. “The pavers started late and what work they’re doing is restricted to things already under contract with the state. They’re doing some paving on Hwy 22 at the Obion County line into Union City, which is much needed. They’re doing those types of jobs to get those out of the way first.
“We want to reserve the $25,839 remaining in the budget account for repair and maintenance of roads and streets, so we can carry it over into the 2020-2021 fiscal year budget for road repairs,” Mayor Washburn said. He stated these funds will be used to do the work already planned.”
The resolution also reserves funds for capital street paving in the amount of $16,087, which will be used for paving city streets.
This totals $41,926 to be transferred for paving in next year’s budget. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to get all of that work done after the pavers get caught up,” Mayor Washburn said.
Alderman Kenneth Moore asked if there is any possibility of the pavers getting any of the work done later this year.
“They have these projects they’re committed to and the state is giving them an absolute deadline,” Mayor Washburn replied. “They’ve got to get those finished or they start paying penalties.” The mayor gave the example of the paving completed around the court square in Dresden, saying the pavers went past their deadline and were fined $1,000 per day until it was completed.
“We’ve already been in contact with them and talked to them about coming and doing repair paving around our city,” the mayor said. “But, we have to wait until they’re free to do the job.”
Mayor Washburn noted, since the work will be done in the next fiscal year, the paving job must be re-bid because their current bid is only good until the end of FY 2019-2020. “This is usually done on a per-ton basis,” he added.
A motion to approve the budget resolution passed 4-0 with Alderpersons Lyndal Dilday, Joyce Hurt, Willie Parker and Kenneth Moore voting in favor of the budget amendment; and Alderpersons Gwin Anderson and Alderwoman Sandra Klutts being absent.

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