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Area Property Transfers

Donald Raymond and Daniel James Fortune to Aaron J. Vaughn, District 2
Phil and Cynthia Maness to Stephen C. and Mary V. Ring, District 3
James Kevin and Linda M. Curtis to Angle Aguilar, District 2
Robert C. Johnson to Angle Aguilar, District 2
Jenny W. and Philip L. Cooper to Dan High and Gillian Connolly, District 2
Charles R. Breeden to Cliff and Shannon McWherter, District 2
George Edwin Wofford and Mary Agnes Pitts to Cathleen Holly and Jose Antonio Lugo, District 10
Gordy and Louard Brown to Nicholas Kelly and Chad Snider, District 3
Chris and Tonya Leo to Rebecca Lund and Richard Lee Rhodes III, District 11
Jon L. Austin Sr., to Blake A. Taylor, District 14
Ruby S. and Erin L. Owen to Donald Thomas and Brandi Nichole Callaham
Michael and Linda Hatchell to Alfredo R. Azpurua, District 2
Mark G. and Linda S. Hintzman to Wallace D. and Carol J. Williams, District 12
Russell Scott and Leigh Allison Brewer to Corey Ballentine, District 7
Eric S. Nichols to Mat and Baillie Jones, District 24
Nathan Mansfield to Jordan L. and Lynsey B. Davis, District 14
Courtney and David Heirs Mayberry to John and Patricia Forgy, District 12
Cheryl Ward and Cheryl Lehmkuhl to Chris and Tonya Leo, District 11
Kerry Don Henderson to Michael Roney and Toyna Wampler, District 8
Deborah Faye Gallimore and Pamela J. Jensen to Ruby L. Rogers, District 7
Dwayne and Beverly Griffith to Terry Glynn and Mareena Wright Bennett, District 4

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