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Altercation Reported in Martin Over Displaying Confederate Flag

DRESDEN (June 19) — A Martin teen was allegedly assaulted by several men for displaying the Confederate flag on his pickup
According to a Martin Police Department report, at approximately 10:53 p.m. on Friday, June 19, Officer Brandyn H. Brown spoke with a juvenile victim outside a convenience store on North Lindell Street, in reference to an assault occurring earlier that day.
The juvenile told police, he was traveling west near 325 Hyndsver Road in Martin, when a silver vehicle pulled in front of him and stopped his vehicle for flying a Confederate flag on his 2003 Dodge Ram pickup. A black SUV pulled up alongside him and multiple individuals exited and struck him about the face and head.
The alleged attackers also pulled the custom trailer hitch off the victim’s truck, which is valued at approximately $100. A Confederate flag attached to the hitch was removed and burned. The flag was valued at approximately $70.
The teenager said he was assaulted when he exited his vehicle in an attempt to retrieve his property. During the altercation, his iPhone 6-plus screen, valued at $200, was damaged.
Additionally, one of the assailants dented the victim’s truck, causing approximately $500 in damages to the rear driver’s side of the vehicle.
Total restitution is estimated at $870.
The victim then left the area.
The juvenile alleges one of the attackers, who was wearing a black head wrap and black tank top, threatened to shoot him.
The victim describes the alleged attackers as follows: a male with dreadlocks wearing a blue shirt with a cat head on it; a short bald male wearing a white tank top and shorts; and a male with a blackhead wrap and black tank top. The victim could not describe the last alleged attacker.
Officer Brown states the victim had bruising on his left cheek, behind his right ear and right ribcage. The black charred remains of what appeared to be a flag were visible on the bottom of his shoes and back of his shirt.
At last report, there were no arrests made in the case.
The alleged assailants, when caught, are facing charges of assault, theft of property and vandalism.
According to Assistant Police Chief Phillip Fuqua, the case remains under investigation.

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