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Property Transfers

Janet S. and Randell J. Miller to Jimmy and Karen Parm, District 7
Joe Michael Radford to Joey Radford, District 9
G&M Gold Management Inc. to Scott Gold Management Inc., District 8
Delores K. Howard to Dwight Jones, District 18
Bobby Joe and Kathy Potts to Andrew Hamblen, District 24 and 25
C&J Enterprises to Steven Dale and Crystal Ann Davidson, District 20
Tony E. and Lorre Stout to Scott and Taylor A. Stout, District 9
Samantha Burch to Murufo Pilar De La Cruz, District 20
Junior D. Simmons Trustee and Sylvia E. Simmons Trustee to Dustin and Carrie Arant, District 8
Gene A. and Carolyn J. Austin to Jon L. Austin Sr., District 14
Matthew C. and Dora C. Parchall to Tony Lynn and Cynthia Dianne Paschall, District 9
Stephen Burnine to Tracy and Judy Corum, District 23
Richard W. Hatler and Sue M. Hatler Needham to John R. and Joanna B. Hatler, District 20
Ashton and Carrie E. Smith to Nicholas Bryan and Rachel Desree Morrison, District 14
William Lee and Rita Lynn Smith to Woodruff Investment Properties LLC., District 10
Lisa Smartt to Donald and Sheila Scott, District 2
George C. Broadfoot to Karley M. Tremlin, District 14
James H. Cantrell III and Amber Cantrell to Christopher Blake Karley, District 14

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