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COVID-19 Cases Increase in State, Tri-Counties

NASHVILLE (June 16) — According to the Tennessee Department of Health, the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Tennessee stands at 31,830, with 20,710 of those recovered and 493 died in the year 2020.
As of Tuesday, there are 31,830 (up from 26,944 last Monday) positive cases and a total of 493 deaths (up from 421 deaths last week). The numbers represent the total number of positive cases during the 2020 pandemic.
In Carroll County, there has been one death, 31 recovered and 36 (up from 28 from last Monday) positive cases. A total of 1,709 (1,486 last Monday) were diagnosed as negative.
In Henry County, 32 have recovered of 35 (32 last Monday) positive cases and 2,066 tested negative.
In Weakley County, 27 have recovered of 32 (up from 26 last Monday) positive cases and 1,764 tested negative.
In the United States, as of Tuesday, a total of 2,104,346 (1,938,823 last Monday) positive cases were reported in 2020 with 116,140 (110,375 last Monday) deaths, according to Centers for Disease Control.

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