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General Sessions

Thomas Aaron Woods: Domestic Assault – Dismissed.
Charles E. Winstead: Vandalism – $2,500 – <$10,000; Display Law – Motor Vehicle; Display of Registration Plates; Person Under 21 Having Beer in Possession and Transporting Beer – Dismissed. Underage Driving While Impaired – Judicial Diversion.
Timothy Wayne Baker: Aggravated Assault – Dismissed.
Christopher Allan Sullins: DUI: First Offense – Guilty as Charged.
Andreous Qualintae Smith: Assault – Bodily Injury – Other.
Michael David Baker: False Reports to Officer – Dismissed. Reckless Endangerment – No Weapon Involved – Guilty Plea Lesser Charge.
Gerard Ian Tansil: Aggravated Assault – Dismissed.
Christopher Edward Gregory: Domestic Assault – Dismissed.
James Michael Sole: Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia Uses and Activities and Implied Consent – Misdemeanor; Financial Responsibility Law – Dismissed.

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