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Weakley County Courthouse Reopens with Restrictions

DRESDEN (May 19) — While Weakley County Courthouse officials and staff have served citizens from a distance since the Coronavirus pandemic began, the Weakley County Courthouse reopened Monday, May 18. However, things are not completely back to normal and certain safety procedures and precautions are in place to protect both the public and the employees working inside the building.
The announcement comes after weeks of gathering provisions and supplies to safely provide access to the public.
To secure a higher level of safety for all visitors and staff, firm safety measures are in place. Visitors and citizens have the responsibility to abide by newly established safety measures. Weakley County Government buildings customized public access schedules and guidelines specific to those offices and departments.
However, at this time, the Weakley County Office on Aging-Dresden Senior Citizens Center and Sharon Senior Citizens Center remain closed to the public.
The following required safety measures apply to the Weakley County Courthouse:
County Communications Director Erica Moore says public access to the courthouse is allowed Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Moore says required Weakley County Courthouse safety measures include: phoning the courthouse at 731-364-5414 before coming; only using the entrance on the south side of the courthouse; passing a required visitor temperature check before entering (individuals with a temperature exceeding 100.4° F are not allowed to enter the building); and wearing a face mask or covering.
Additionally, entry is only permitted for an individual with departmental business. Additional family members or guests are not be permitted to enter.
Advanced courtroom procedures and advanced sanitation methods are in place.
Alternatives to in-person transactions are encouraged. Most office staff can transact business by utilizing the drop boxes outside the south side entrance, over the phone, by email, or using online options.
To ensure fastest processing, when using the document and payment dropbox located on the left side of the walkway to transact business, call (731) 364-5414 to notify the office staff that you have left an item in the dropbox for them.

Citizens are queued outside the courthouse waiting their opportunity to enter the courthouse.

A plastic barrier is between the clerks and citizens as they conduct business.

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