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Gleason Hosts Parade for Class of 2020

By Jasmine Williams
GLEASON (May 16) — Gleason High School and the City of Gleason celebrated the graduating Class of 2020 on Saturday during what would have been the weekend of graduation.
Many schools have had to postpone or cancel graduation for seniors amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but that is not stopping schools and communities from celebrating the accomplishments of its seniors.
Gleason seniors were honored with a parade through the city. Seniors were encouraged to decorate their vehicles and either drove themselves or had a parent drive for them.
The parade started at Gleason School and wove through much of Gleason. Many in the community came out to celebrate the school’s seniors.
Many students and parents said that they were sad that they were not able to graduate when they should have on Friday, May 15. They also were sad about many senior traditions, such as senior skip day and prom, that were not able to happen. However, they were very happy to still be able to come together and celebrate their many years of hard work.
Those who came out to the parade said they were excited to still be able to celebrate and hope that Gleason will continue the senior parade every year alongside the regular graduation.

Twin seniors Lillie (left) and Katie Freeman are cheered on by the staff at Bank of Gleason. Photo by Brad Sam/The Banner

Senior Madison Fuzzell greets supporters in front of her alma mater. Photo by Brad Sam/The Banner

Senior Alexis Anderson waves to the crowd in front of Bank of Gleason. Photo by Brad Sam/The Banner

Supporters of Gleason seniors gathered at the fire station. Photo by Jasmine Williams/Dresden Enterprise

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