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COVID-19 Cases for May 6

NASHVILLE (May 6) — According to the Tennessee Department of Health, the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Tennessee increased since Tuesday., May 5. Presently, there are 13,938 (up 239 since yesterday) positive cases and a total of 239 (226 yesterday) deaths. The numbers represent the total number of positive cases during the 2020 pandemic.
In Carroll County, there has been one death, 16 recovered, and 18 positive cases. A total of 733 were diagnosed as negative.
In Henry County, 13 have recovered of 13 positive cases and 774 tested negative. All have recovered in Henry County.
In Weakley County, 22 (8 last week) have recovered of 24 (18 last week) positive cases and 685 tested negative. Weakley County had an increase of 7 positive cases in a single week.
In Obion County, there is one death, 10 recovered, and 15 positive cases.
Lake County has the northwest Tennessee rural area’s highest with 59 positive cases, 41 recovered and 1096 tested negative.
Davidson County has 31 deaths, 3,128 positive cases
Madison County has 1 death, 87 recovered, 144 positive cases, and 3,119 tested negative.
In the United States, a total of 1,193,813 (1,152,372 yesterday) positive cases were reported in 2020 with 70,802 (67,456 yesterday), according to Centers for Disease Control.
The World Health Organization indicates 3.68 million (3.62 million yesterday) positive cases and 258,000 (253,000 yesterday) deaths worldwide.

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