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Property Transfers

George G. Galey to Derek Allen Galey, District 9
Nick Copeland to V&M Rentals LLC., District 11
Gary W. and Michael L. Hawks to Mikel L. Jones, District 2
Robbie J. and Donald D. Sullivan to Brandon and Mallory Pate, District 2
Jordon M. and Christa L. Hankins to Steven P. and Meagan E. Permenter, District 2
Larry and Virginia W. Kelly to Bonnie Brungige Moore, District 3
Mike Simmons to Kyle Wayne Huffstatler, District 8
Shelia Belew to Jeffery Scott and Courtney Belew, District 25
David Lipsky and Land In2 Cash LLC., to Jonathan A. and Nicolette J. Warren, District 7
George Hilton Craig III and Samantha N. Craig to Dean Maxey and Evan Donoho, District 25
Stacie Callins and Brad Morris to Jimpatglee LLC., District 9
James Gordan Sole Jr., to John Michael Higgins, District 6
Joshua and Jeni Beth Vincent to James C. and Eric J. Bragg, District 3
Ronny L. and Karen A. Gardiner to Jacob and Jarred, District 7
Russell Craig Galey to Ricky and Patsy Austin, District 9
Billy Gene McCollum to Stephen and Kathleen Stark, District 11

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