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Weakley County Rehab & Nursing Center Hosts ‘Dancing with a Dino’star’

DRESDEN (March 27) — Weakley County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center welcomed a special guest Friday for “Dancing with a Dino’star.”
A friendly T-Rex (Brittany Mitchell) danced through the halls of the facility to the delight of the residents and staff.
Many of the residents and employees took a moment to watch the dino’s moves, join in with their own or just get a photo.
The event was a great antidote to the isolation and stress of the battle to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect the most vulnerable.

Pictured are Weakley County Rehab and Nursing employees (L to R): Josie Murufo, Missy Horn, Marcy Hopper, Kelly Harrison, Stacey Blackburn, T-Rex, Toni Hobock, Debbie Culver and Barbara Tatum.

Resident Robert Deck enjoys a visit with the T-Rex.

Resident Gillie Perry meets the T-Rex during a break from the dancing.

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