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COVID-19 Cases Increase in Tri-Counties

TENNESSEE (April 19) The number of positive cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus increased in the tri-counties of Carroll, Henry and Weakley counties, according to statistics released by the Tennessee Department of Health on April 19, 2020.

Carroll has 15 cases, 10 have recovered, and 282 were tested.

Weakley has 8 cases, 2 recovered, 205 were tested.

Henry has 9 cases, 3 recovered, and 220 were tested.

Nearby Madison County has 86 positive cases, 37 recovered, 902 were tested, and one has died.

Shelby County has 1,778 cases, 572 recovered, 10401 were tested and 35 have died.

Tennessee now has 7078 cases.

The United States has 690,714 cases and 35,443 deaths.


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