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No Tax Hike in Dresden’s FY 2020-2021 Budget

DRESDEN (April 6) — The first reading adopting the City of Dresden’s annual operating and capital budget, as well as the tax rate for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2020 and ending June 30, 2021, was approved by unanimous vote during Monday night’s board meeting.
In addition to no property tax increase, Mayor Jeff Washburn mentioned there is also no increase in the garbage or water and sewer rates. He also stated the budget will include a raise for city employees, based on merit.
The budget levies a property tax of $1.4837 per $100 of assessed value on all real and personal (business) property, which is unchanged from the current fiscal year.
The budget estimates anticipated revenues from all sources and expenditures to be as follows:
* General Fund – Total proposed available funds from all revenue sources = $3,050,528; and total appropriations = $2,334,240.
* Solid Waste Fund – Revenue = $1,272,091; and appropriations = $327,321.
* Water and Sewer Fund – Revenue = $5,893,126; and appropriations = $995,688
* Drug Fund – Revenue = $39,902; total appropriations = $10,800.
During the coming fiscal year, the City of Dresden has planned capital projects for the improvement of infrastructure and purchase of needed equipment, which is to be financed by appropriations as follows:
* Landscaping = $5,000, Computer Upgrades = $5,000, Patrol Car = $27,000, Patrol Car Equipment = $9,000, Fire Department SCBA and Turnout Gear = $15,000, Street Paving = $160,000, Concrete Wall Repair = $20,000, Sidewalk Repair = $13,000, Vehicle for Park = $25,000, Park Mower = $16,000
The only capital project to be financed by debt is for a Boom Mower costing $120,000.
It allocates approximately $20,000 for street paving. Increases sidewalk repairs by $3,000. It covers the cost of purchasing a new police car, two new trucks – one for public works and the other for the Parks and Recreation Department. It includes purchasing a larger tractor which will cost about $120,000 and financed over 3-4 years.

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