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Dresden Police Investigate Reported Quarantine Violations

DRESDEN (April 8) — The City of Dresden Police Department dealt with a couple of cases involving reported quarantine violations this week.
An investigation into one of the incidents involved a local citizen, who was accused of being infected with Covid-19, entering a local business while on quarantine.
The investigation revealed that the individual who entered a local business on Wednesday, April 1 had actually been released from quarantine and that there was no known danger to the public at that time.
The investigation was initiated following a complaint by a local business that has been closed.
However, it was determined the individual did not have the coronavirus. The suspect was cleared of any unlawful conduct, and no further action was taken.
In a separate incident, Dresden Police Department officers conducted an investigation into a case in which an individual had allegedly entered local businesses and claimed to be infected with Covid-19. The individual, a Dresden resident, is not the person known to be a confirmed case for Weakley County that was subject to the previously referred to investigation.
According to Dresden Police Chief Steve Howe,” The individual was going into local stores and banks and telling the clerks and cashiers to wash themselves, because he tested positive for COVID-19. We researched it and found that he is not positive for COVID-19.”.
He noted the subject was not officially charged. However, Chief Howe added, “We have found and identified him, counseled him, and told him, if this happens again, he will be arrested and charged with a felony.”
There are currently five individuals who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus in Weakley County.
Chief Howe said, so far, there have been no cases involving local citizens who have violated quarantine. “We want to make sure those who have been advised to remain quarantined do so,” Chief Howe said.
“Dresden is the county seat. We have a clinic, grocery store, medics, jail, sheriff’s department, police department and first responders,” Chief Howe said. “A lot of the first responders are stationed in Dresden. In order to protect and serve the public, the first responders must be healthy. Also, we don’t want our citizens to get sick. We are a small community. Everybody shops at the same stores, go to the same gas stations and use the same facilities.”
He stated violating quarantine is against the law, but no one has been charged, thus far.
“We’re not trying to be overbearing with anybody, we just want everyone to use common sense,” Chief Howe said.
He stated, so far, no paramedics have been infected with COVID-19. However, a couple of them were previously isolated after coming into contact with an infected patient. They have since been cleared of any viral infection.
When asked about the crime rate, in general, since the COVID-19 outbreak, Chief Howe said, “Our calls have dropped. We’re down to about 25-30 calls per week. We’ve had a good response from the citizens regarding the curfew.” Although Dresden City parks are closed, he stated the walking trails remain open to the public.

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