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Commission Discusses Voter Participation

DRESDEN (March 17) — The Weakly County Election Commission met Tuesday, March 17, to certify the March 3 election results in Weakley County and review the attendance for early voting.
The Republican and Democratic Presidential Primary, as well as the Republican and Democratic Weakley County elections results, were certified by the commission.
The Administrator of Elections Alex Britt spoke to the commission about early voting turnout in Weakley County.
The new satellite voting location located at the Masonic Lodge in Martin on Highway 45 received 326 ballots cast. The majority of voters at the new location came from the Martin and Sharon area. In early voting all over Weakley County, this year had 39.5% early voter participation. In 2016 the presidential preference primary for early voting was 27.82% which saw both sides of the ballot being contested. The last presidential preference primary race which had one side contested such as this year was in 2012 with 26.78%.
After the voting results for the satellite location are submitted to the state Alex Britt said that more locations could be made available. Britt said that he is in contact with the School Board to use schools as an early voting location in the coming years. This would need to be accepted by the state to use and Britt said that he would want the schools used as voting locations in 2022 if at all possible.
The election commission will not meet in April.

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