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Weakley County Inmate Charged with Intimidating a Witness

Additional charges were filed against an inmate at the Weakley County Correctional Complex, after he allegedly coerced a victim to change her statement regarding a Christmas Eve shooting incident on Meadowbrook Drive in Martin.
According to a court affidavit, while Martin Police Investigator Sarah Rogers was reviewing the phone recordings of inmates incarcerated at the Weakley County Jail, she reportedly heard 23-year-old Robert Tremain Thomas of Martin, coercing the victim to change her statement in an active case against him.
Thomas is charged with Aggravated Assault, Reckless Endangerment (involving potential serious injury or use of a deadly weapon), and Vandalism in a Christmas Eve shooting incident that happened on Meadowbrook Drive in Martin. Following the phone call, Thomas faces an additional charge of Coercion or Persuasion of a Witness.
The defendant is accused of firing several shots in the direction of the victim’s residence. One of the bullets traveled through the front door and across the living room, passed through a wall into a closet and came out the other side, before becoming lodged in the back of a refrigerator.
Thomas remains incarcerated in the Weakley County Jail, while awaiting his preliminary hearing in Weakley County General Sessions Court, scheduled for Wednesday, April 1.

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