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Local Businesses Respond to Covid-19

By Jasmine Williams
With Covid-19 being at the forefront of many minds it is easy to forget about the small businesses that are found in every community. These businesses are facing many changes especially in Weakley County rural communities.
Many small businesses around the county have already closed their doors until further notice to prevent the spread of germs. One popular business that has recently closed its doors due to Covid-19 is Martin’s Coffeehouse.
In a statement that was posted on the businesses Facebook page said, there is currently no reopen date. The closing came about from the news on how quickly the virus was spreading around Tennessee and the country. Martin Coffeehouse was offering curbside pickup for customers but they could no longer afford to stay open with such low sales.
There are still businesses open around Weakley County including fast food and grocery stores including two locally-owned stores. Kountry Korner and Kitchen and Sharon Furniture and Appliance are still open and working to accommodate customers the best they can during these times.
Kountry Korner’s restaurant manager Austin Bond told the Enterprise they have closed the dining room and are exclusively offering curbside pickup and now delivery. Bond also told that they have been working to keep the kitchen and restaurant as clean as possible to have fewer germs spreading while they work. He said the overall mood of the workers is to keep being positive and working as long as they can unless told otherwise by government officials.
In Sharon, one local business is reporting an increase in sales during this pandemic. Sharon Furniture and Appliance owner Maria Lacky said her business is having an increase in sales and calls. She said that this might be from more families staying home and having more money from income tax. With families using appliances more frequently that more are having to replace or repair them. Currently, Sharon Furniture said that foot traffic in the store has gone down but that more are calling for service on their appliances. With house calls, the workers make sure they are feeling well and the customer is also feeling well and agrees for in-home work. Sharon Furniture said also they open as long as possible unless told to close by the state and/or federal government.
For customers who are unsure about stores and other locally-owned businesses, it is suggested calling beforehand to ensure hours and if any precautions are being taken by the business. If delivery options are available, that will be the best way to shop locally while also keeping yourself and others safe.

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