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Greenfield, Sharon Teachers Go on Parade for Students

It is a special bond teachers and students have. With the school closure and the order for social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus, teachers found a way to see their students.
Teachers had a motorcade in both Greenfield and Sharon and drove the streets of the community to wave and share a smile. The event involved the cooperation of school administrators, law enforcement, and first responders to make it a safe event for all involved.
Michelle Clements, principal at Sharon School, said, “Our teachers wanted to see our our students and show them how much we loved and missed them. Sharon School teachers were very excited to ride around and wave to students. It made everyone smile and definitely made my heart happy.”

Anastyn Green, first grader at Greenfield, proudly holds her sign honoring teachers.

Sharon School Principal Michelle Clements flashes a big smile.

Sharon — Tanya Evans and family hold signs as teachers pass in their cars.

Greenfield coach Willie Trevathan drives the bus as Ellie and Miller Pitt wave.

Jace Tims, third grade, and his mom, Amy, a first grade teacher.

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