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Panic Shopping in Greenfield Results In Police Response

GREENFIELD (March 24) — Although there is no actual shortage of supplies at Weakley County stores, the perceived lack of food or other items sold at groceries and department stores has prompted some area citizens to indulge in panic shopping.
An example of this occurred over the weekend at the Dollar General Store in Greenfield. A group of shoppers grabbed boxes filled with toilet paper and other paper products, as store clerks wheeled the merchandise out of the storeroom. Before the clerks could stack these products on the shelves, customers ripped the boxes open and removed the products. This created a logjam at the back of the store and prevented the clerks from doing their jobs. The situation was so disruptive Greenfield Police Lt. Danny Smith was dispatched to the scene to restore order. Greenfield Police Chief Joey Radford stated it wasn’t really anything serious and the problem was quickly resolved without anyone being charged.
Gov. Bill Lee is urging state residents to shop normally.
The Governor spoke with the Grocers Association and confirmed the strength of the supply chain.
Following his meeting, Governor Lee said Tennesseans should shop as they normally would before the COVID-19 pandemic, and requested everyone to avoid stockpiling or hoarding.
While the food chain is strong, Tennessee grocers say they are in need of additional employees, due to increased demand.

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