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No Publication Charge

WEDDINGS/ANNIVERSARIES – You must submit the complete story, the DRESDEN ENTERPRISE does not write the story of weddings or anniversaries. All submitted copy may be edited for clarity.

You may submit an accompanying color or black and white photo in JPEG format toenterprise@dresdenenterprise.

Please submit information about an upcoming wedding or anniversary at least two weeks before the event and within four weeks after the event. The maximum length of an article and photo is one-quarter newspaper page. All contents may be edited to meet newspaper standards.

Information you need to include in narrative form:  name (include maiden name if appropriate); present address; date and place of marriage; bride given by; bride’s dress; groom’s apparel; attendants; minister; reception given by and where; description of cake; who served; name of children; name of parents; name of grandparents.

Information you need to include in narrative form: name of couple, years married; where and when married; present address; date and place of anniversary celebration; names of children and names of grandchildren.