Weakley County Schools Add Artificial Intelligence Policy

New law requires policy to be passed by July 1


A new law going into effect requires school districts to have a policy on artificial intelligence in effect by July 1.

The policy is a ‘blanket’ policy according to Director of School’s Jeff Cupples which will just outline the basics and can be added to or revised at a later date.

The Weakley County School district has three core values: purpose, connection, and growth. The first paragraph of the policy discusses those values, as well as explaining what A.I. is and outlines acceptable vs unacceptable use of A.I. within the school system.

The policy states that students can only use A.I for educational purposes with permission from educators and that submitting A.I. work as original content is expressly prohibited.

When students are permitted to use A.I. they have to use it ethically with respect to copyright laws and should not be used to engage in plagiarism or any form of dishonesty.

When using A.I. in any capacity, students must acknowledge the use of it whether that be in text, images, multimedia, etc.

The policy also addressed digital citizenship in regard to dissemination of information-that it is not harmful or inappropriate in context.

“Abusive, harmful, or disrespectful conduct through an A.I. platform is unacceptable.”

A.I. cannot replace the social elements of teaching and mentoring, nor can it be a substitute for assignment replacement.

A.I. generated content has to be vetted by educational professionals to ensure the accuracy of the content and teachers who submit lessons plans they have to acknowledge any use of A.I. within those plans.

In order to ensure compliance with the policy, teachers will be authorized to use software to detect A.I. content.

The policy passed on the first reading, but in order to ensure that the policy goes into effect by July 1 a special called meeting will be held on Thursday, June 20 at 6 p.m. for this purpose.

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