Weakley County Deed Transfers June 10- June 14


Jesse and Jason Walker to Christopher, Courtney and Jordan Spain, District 9

Sharon Ragganti, Janet Thompson, Patricia Elam, Bruce Childress and Larry Thompson to Lacey and Eric Pace, District 8

Jennifer Minton and Jennifer Barner to Taylor Caldwell, District 8

Dorothy Birkett, Stephanie Mingle and Christopher Mingle to Caitlyn and William Caksakkar, District 2

Karena and Thomas Reed to Maggie Boro and Jeremy Gackowski, District 5

Jennifer Zickefoose to Jordan Ritter and Wayne Florence, District 2

Janet Thompson, Patricia Elam, Jenny Chlarson and Janet Hamlett to Donetta and James Davis, District 8

James Davis to Debra and Michael Moss, DistMarie Janice, rict 8

Heather Kinney to Melinda and Donny Clayton, District 7

Rachelle and Levian Miller to Minica and Corey Yoder, District 25

Donna Moore, Charles Reynolds and Donna Reynolds to Jorge Vieyra, District 24

Judy Fuqua to James Powell and Nancy Pate, District 8

Cory and Natashia Burroughs and Natashia Martin to Foothills Investments LLC, Lot 127 Janes Mill Road Gleason

William Turner to Beatriz Rodriguez and Eduardo Jasso, District 24

Barner Investments to Daisy Slaboszewski and Bryan Nyssen, District 2

Carla and Don Edwards to Lauren Blackwell, District 8

Inju and Tony Winstead to Demetrio Nila, District 2

Ronny Davison to Greenfield Land Development Inc, District 9

Frank and Janice Gibson to Greenfield Land Development INC, District 9

Bobby Harman to Lori and Thomas Abramczyk, District 5

David and Raymond McAllister to Jeff McAllister, District 9

Greenfield Land Development INC to Frank and Janice Gibson, District 9