Vaughn Brothers Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Shannon Taylor

Associate Editor, The Martin Post

Vaughn Brothers held their ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, Nov. 10. The event was part of a grand re-opening weekend after their building was destroyed by the tornado that swept through Dresden on Dec. 10, 2021. The ribbon wasn’t the only thing cut at the ceremony either. Owner Keith Kemp held up a board which he sawed through right before the ribbon cutting to the amusement of everyone watching.

“We are so glad that you have a business here in Dresden and that people can come in and buy what they need. Thanks for the investment in our town. What a show of resilience–we’re so thankful for you building back and for your service to this county,” Dresden Mayor Mark Maddox said.

“Congratulations on rebuilding. It looks great. The new logo was designed by a High School student and it looks really great. The tri-star is a great symbol of Tennessee,” said Weakley County Economic Development Center Director Justin Crice.