Local vampire band, The Hot Side of Zero, to release full LP


Lead band member and owner of The Farm recording studio and Gator Aid Entertainment Label, promotes his band’s full LP album and tour by hosting Halloween Party to shoot video of “I am Vampire '' with fans. Photo Credit: Gator Aid Entertainment[/caption]

By Shannon Taylor

Associate Editor

A local vampire band — The Hot Side of Zero — based out of The Farm Recording studio in Gleason, will release a full length LP this year. The group, an alternative rock/vampire band, is released internationally through Sony's The Orchard.

Every Halloween season, The Hot Side of Zero’s song "I Am Vampire" pops up on charts and radio stations worldwide and “sells like crazy” according to a press release by Joe Rainone (JoJo Gator), lead band member and owner of The Farm recording studio.

Rainone, alongside Steve Lupo, opened The Farm recording studio in Gleason in 2021. Rainone said The Farm is an artist-developing camp for Gator Aid Entertainment. Settled right in the middle of four homes owned by Rainone is the recording studio.

“There is only light traffic, no crowds and peace and quiet,” Rainone said. They titled it ‘The Farm’ because the studio is surrounded by farms. Rainone said “It is all about growing tomorrow’s hits today.”

Rainone and Lupo are a production and songwriting team who have both been involved in the music industry for the past 40 years. They also have a Nashville studio, dubbed “Black Cat Studios” in Berry Hill.

“With our Gator Aid Entertainment label, we want to find talent with those that don’t have the money or the connections to make a record,” Rainone said.

Rainone added that everything’s split 50/50 with no long-term deals.

“If we’re making money, they’re not going to want to go anywhere else.”

The Farm’s location allows flexibility in scheduling and is also a unique opportunity away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The Farm offers professional recording, editing, tour rehearsals, accommodations and so much more.

“This is the real deal right in the middle of Weakley County.”

This year, local band, The Hot Side of Zero, will release a full length LP and in January 2024 they will tour the world's Goth and Vampire clubs. Lead members include Rainone, Lady Di (Diane Lupo) and the Elder (Steve Lupo), who are backed by a band of amazing musicians believed to be ghouls, according to their press release.

“At times a 10-piece horn band explosion backs them for bigger shows. The band is described as powerful, dark and controversial.”

The band is hosting a Show/Halloween Party on Saturday, Oct. 21, at 7 p.m. in Murray, Ky., where they will be filming their new music video with their fans. Food and beverages will be served.

“The party goes until the last car leaves,” Rainone said. The album “I Am Vampire” is available everywhere.

For more information on setting up a recording, an interview with The Hot Side of Zero or any other questions contact Rainone at 1-863-812-1637 or by email at jojogatorbands@gmail.com.