Local Romance Author Holds Book Signing


Romance author and Martin local Erin Chestnut stopped by the Martin Public Library on June 1 for a book signing to celebrate her debut novel, “Fight For Me.” 

Chestnut graduated from The University of Tennessee at Martin with a double major in English and Communications and did a good amount of writing while in college, even working at the university as a writer for years after graduation. Despite writing for years, this is the first book Chestnut has self- published.

 “Fight For Me” is a romance novel that revolves around the life of two characters, Lexie Preston and Jake Tanner, and their journey of juggling life and relationships.

“I am a romance author,” Chestnut said as she introduced herself and the book. “I have to make myself say that because it is something I am still getting used to.”

Chestnut received a few different reactions when telling people this, and stated that she is proud her romance novels are appropriate and appreciates not having to justify herself regarding the content in her novels.

“Fight For Me” is labeled as young adult fiction and is most suitable for mature high school students and beyond as it does contain sensitive topics. Main character Lexie did not grow up in the best environment regarding relationships, therefore she has a hard time figuring out what true love is.

With the possibility of an 8-book series according to Chestnut, with “Fight For Me” being the first one, the remaining books will contain stories regarding Jake’s family and other smaller stories within the novels.

“You will be able to read them in any order,” Chestnut said.

“Fight For Me” is available at the Martin Public Library and can also be bought in both paperback and digital form on Amazon as well as on the Spark catalog.