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A Story To Sing About


(NAPSI)—The next time you listen to a lullaby, a love song, carols or karaoke, consider this: Why do people sing?



A charming answer to that intriguing question comes from YouTube creators and musicians Sam Tsui and Casey Breves. Their new book, “Why Do We Sing?,” is one adults will enjoy as much as their kids. It’s an adventure around the world to celebrate the role of music throughout many cultures.



With gentle rhyming text, it’s a delightful introduction to the magical world of singing—from Bollywood to Broadway to your own backyard. 



The married creators’ original songs and covers have been viewed and streamed over a billion times (and counting), so it’s fitting that the authors have released a companion album with Republic Records: Kids & Family alongside the book. Featuring original songs and celebrating the book’s global themes, each song on the album draws inspiration from a different genre featured in the book: opera, K-Pop, campfire songs, mariachi, and more.



While this gently inspirational book about the power of music is suitable for any reader, the inspiration comes from Sam and Casey’s own family: their daughter, Elaia, and their cat, Alfie, are featured on every page.



The book encourages empathy, appreciating diversity, and respect for others, and has been well received by the critics:



“The authors pose the titular question and, in bouncy, lilting verse, provide brief, thought-provoking answers. It’s a simple enough query but a meaningful one. This spirited offering delivers good answers. Following a read-aloud, children should be strongly encouraged to give their vocal chops a hearty workout. We’re singing the praises of this joyful charmer,” said Kirkus Reviews. Publishers Weekly adds: “Rhyming text lists ways music can express and share emotions. Amplifying the text’s joyful tenor, Tsui’s illustrations feature smiling characters. Concluding with a call to action (“What will YOU sing?”), this sampling of visually suggested styles [is] inspirational.”



Published in hardcover and audio by HarperCollins, it’s available wherever books are sold.

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