The framework for lasting weight loss success


(BPT) - Everyone is buzzing about prescription GLP-1 medications like Ozempic and Wegovy for weight loss — and rightfully so. GLP-1s (more formally known as glucagon-like peptide 1 agonists) represent an enormous step forward in ending the obesity epidemic in this country. Already, GLP-1s have helped millions of Americans shed stubborn pounds without resorting to unhealthy dieting and unsustainable fitness routines.

But, one aspect of these drugs is often glossed over: GLP-1s are intended to be an “adjunct therapy” — not a standalone treatment — for losing weight and improving your health.

This knowledge has helped the online healthcare giant, LifeMD, outline a unique path for patients using GLP-1s. In connection with its Weight Management Program, the company recently introduced the 6S Framework, its guide to holistic well-being in the era of prescription weight loss drugs. Backed by extensive real-world evidence, this unique ideology is tethered to the notion that true health is about balance — not just the number on the scale. Not surprisingly, the framework has gained traction with those who want to make lasting, sustainable changes to their health.

But what is the 6S Framework and how does it fit into the context of your overall health? It comes down to 6 S’s — six components of a cared-for body and mind. Here's a rundown:

Sleep. Like an electric vehicle, you need time to recharge your batteries. Far from “down time,” sleep is an active stage of recovery and rejuvenation — a time when some of your mind and body’s most important health-sustaining processes take place.

Sustenance. Sticking with the vehicle analogy, you could think of the foods, drinks and supplements you consume as your fuel. They should provide your body with the nourishment it needs to not only survive, but to thrive. Sustenance is also about avoiding or limiting harmful substances like alcohol and nicotine.

Sweat. Your body is made to move, and it depends on a mixture of resistance, aerobic and flexibility exercises to stay healthy and functional. Think of sweat as the necessary lubricant for all your vehicle’s important parts — parts that include your joints, muscles, tendons and even your brain. Without that lubricant, those parts become weak and rusty. Sweat also balances your systems; it helps you burn off excess energy, and it can also help generate the kind of healthy energy your brain and body need to stay sharp, focused and productive.

Stillness and self-talk. Self-talk is your GPS: it keeps you on the road leading to your goals (and away from detours that lead to trouble). It’s all your questions, reflections, ambitions and doubts — about the past and the future — that together act like dashboard gauges on your lifelong voyage. While a little self-talk is necessary, too much of it can be distracting. It can steer you astray. Self-talk must be balanced with stillness — a state of being that focuses on the here and now.

Stress management. Stress is another form of energy; it can power you forward, but it’s all about how you use it. A little stress can ensure that your needs and wants are adequately satisfied. It can motivate you. But too much stress can lead to excess energy — the kind that causes you to stall out. It’s like revving your engine in the wrong gear.

Social interactions. Think of these as the other cars traveling on the road beside you. These may be your cherished companions — lighting the way forward — or they may be pure congestion that slows your progress. While you rely on others, you also feel the pressure of social connections; they can be a source of external demands, judgments and comparisons. Finding balance in your social life allows you to glean strength and comfort from close friends and loved ones while also limiting the interactions that hold you back.

“At LifeMD, we believe orienting your weight loss journey around the 6S Framework can help you achieve the kind of balance that supports lifelong functional health,” said Anthony Puopolo, President, LifeMD Affiliated P.C.s. “Finding a weight management program that supports your overall health needs, with guidance from licensed providers, in concert with the 6 S’s, can make a meaningful difference in your long-term health and wellness.”

Healthy change is always possible. The impact of GLP-1s has proven that. But while GLP-1s can act as a springboard for improving your overall health, they work best when they are integrated with the 6S Framework, which can help you make smart choices, and “course correct” as needed. To learn more about LifeMD’s unique approach to serving GLP-1 patients, visit us at LifeMD and download our new eBook, "The 6S Framework for Sustainable Wellness."