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Five Fire Departments Respond to Golf Course Blaze

On Friday, Aug. 18, at 9:46 p.m., Sharon Fire Chief Gary Eddings was contacted via phone by Courtney McMinn, stating she had observed smoke and flames around the Persimmon Hills Golf Course and she had driven to the location from her house.
McMinn told Chief Eddings that the golf cart storage building was on fire, and Eddings immediately had SFD dispatched to the location. When Eddings arrived on scene, the 120 ft. long metal building was partially on fire and threatening the other golf cart storage building, located approximately 20 ft. away. Eddings immediately requested mutual aid from Greenfield, Dresden, Martin and Palmersville fire departments for additional manpower and tankers to haul water to the scene.
SFD arrived shortly afterward and utilized three fire hose lines to start attacking the fire and to prevent the nearby structure from being engulfed in the flames. SFD and the other fire departments kept the blaze contained and saved the adjacent golf cart storage building from sustaining any damage.
Eddings stated SFD had a local neighbor/farmer bring his tractor to assist the fire crews in pushing down structure to prevent the building from collapsing on the fire crews.
SFD and other fire crews were at the scene for two and a half hours before the flames were fully extinguished.
Eddings expressed his gratitude to the other fire departments for their quick response and assistance and to Dustin Pinkston for the use of his tractor. “Without their assistance, the total loss suffered would have been much greater,” he said.
According to Eddings, the cause of the blaze is undetermined at this time, but he suspects one of the battery chargers may have overheated and caught fire.
Steven Scott, owner of the golf course, stated the structure housed 26 gasoline-powered golf carts in addition to multiple cans of gasoline, which intensified the danger to firefighters. Scott noted, although the large storage building was a total loss, the old golf cart shed that has 30 cart stalls in it remains fully intact. Since both buildings were already full when the fire broke out, there is currently no storage available for additional golf carts.
Chief Eddings estimates the total loss amounts to approximately $450,000. Fortunately, Scott stated the building was insured.
“As soon as we hear from the insurance company, we’ll start cleanup and begin the process of rebuilding,” Scott said. He noted the structure will be the same size as the one that burned.
Scott notes Persimmon Hills Golf Course, located at 1696 Rock Hill Road, Sharon, is open year-round. He said, during the summer months, it opens at 7 a.m. and closes when the last golfer leaves. In wintertime, it’s open 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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