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Input sought from Farmers in Northwest Tennessee

The Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network (LFN) is issuing a call to action and requesting input from farmers in Lake, Crockett, Benton, Weakley, Carroll, Dyer, Gibson, Henry and Obion counties. The LFN is seeking farmers to take this very important survey by March 31. This voluntary survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and asks about general views and input to help develop more Farm to School connections across the State of Tennessee. Those who complete the survey will be entered to win a free Local Food Network T-shirt and a variety of seeds. Findings will be incorporated into the new Tennessee Local Food Procurement Manual and help the LFN apply for grants to support farmers collaborating with LFN Farm to School programming in Tennessee. Take the survey at
The LFN is a nonprofit organization based out of Martin, with a mission to serve as a catalyst for a thriving and equitable local food system that is accessible to all in Tennessee. The LFN has been partnering with school districts to develop thriving and equitable Farm to School initiatives in Tennessee Schools. Thus far, Farm to School Initiatives have been implemented in the school systems in Weakley, Gibson, Obion and Cheatham counties.
The LFN team researches and develops tailored, economically sustainable solutions for schools, farmers and ranchers to avoid duplication and drive meaningful change.
“We do this through collaboration, coordination, and increased connections between local food sources and consumers,” a press release issued by the LFN notes.
Some programs the Local Food Network offers regionally is the creation of the Northwest Tennessee Local Food Guide Magazine, Farm to School programming development and support, Local Food Procurement resources, and Marketing of Northwest Tennessee Farmers Markets and their vendors products.
“Although we are regionally based, our network aims to connect farmers listed on Pick TN Products with schools across the state of Tennessee. Through shared knowledge and collaboration, the LFN will mobilize data and research to increase access to information in ways never before possible in Tennessee agriculture,” LFN representatives added.
Learn more about the Local Food Network at

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