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On the third Saturday of December, volunteers come to cemeteries from all over the country, including Arlington National Cemetery, to participate in National Wreaths Across America Day. Volunteers from Weakley County gathered Saturday, Dec. 17, at Sunset Cemetery in Dresden to put wreaths on the 505 veteran graves there. There are also 707 veteran graves at Eastside Cemetery. This is the fifth year for Wreaths Across America events in Weakley County. The first year saw 100 wreaths placed, but this year funds were raised for over 1,400. Special wreaths were placed on veterans graves to honor each branch of the military. Luke Tipton of the Revolutionary War, born May 1738, received the U.S. Army wreath; Sgt. Carmon Landis Prickett, received the U.S. Marine wreath; MM1 Henry P. Elder, received the U.S. Navy wreath; SMSgt Dorris Lee Liegon, of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam received the U.S. Air Force wreath, SK1 Tom Brooks Harris Jr., SK1, received the U.S. Coast Guard wreath; Albert W. Hudson, of WWII received the U.S. Merchant Marine wreath; Richard O. Malden, USAF, Bombing Squardron 131, who disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle, received the POW/MIA wreath; and Ronald Covington of the USAF received the U.S. Space Force wreath.

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